Best Windows Automation Platforms


You can do whatever with PowerShell. Also, PowerShell Core (based on .Net Core) is cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS).


ActiveWords is not free, but is quite powerful. It sits between the keyboard driver and Windows, so you can type a trigger word anywhere to activate your macro–hence, “active words.”
It will do text substitution including rich text, graphics, HTML, and other formatted text, but can also launch applications and drive them.


$10 this was written in AHK.

EDIT: To achieve what they demo, all one has to do in ahk is this:

:*:someword::replaced word or sentence


:*:btw::by the way

It’s so simple and free. Thanks for sharing @RyanC


So cool you can replicate that in AHK, which is just a kick-ass swiss army knife.

ActiveWords is actually a full code stack and was implemented down near the keyboard driver similar to accessibility software (its been around quite awhile).

Thank you @fischgeek so much for the code sample. I’ll be busy this weekend scripting away my typos :grin:


Check this guy out:

The following script uses hotstrings to correct about 4700 common English misspellings on-the-fly.