Autoresizing UITableRow heights

It doesn’t seem like Scriptable allows for automatically expanding UITableRows based on their content, e.g. the equivalent of UITableViewAutomaticDimension for native development. Is this something that would be possible to do? I have a bunch of text I want to stick in a table view that wraps into multiple lines, and I don’t have a way to get one height that would fit each cell–especially across devices, where the width of the row is different.

There’s currently no support for this. The height must be specified manually.

It makes a lot of sense to support this but it’s a little tricky since ideally it would have to work with both texts and images and both in the app and in Siri.

As a workaround for now, you could compute your height based on the number of characters in the text. Assuming about 35 characters per line and a line is 20 pixels heigh (you might have to tweak these numbers):

row.height = (txt.length / 35) * 20

It’s a hack but it might work until I figure out a good way to compute the heights automatically.