Automators 7: Feedback Time!


A quick idea on how to learn JavaScript: I learned the basics of programming in swift playgrounds on iOS. Though Swift and JavaScript aren’t exactly the same, once you have the basics down, transitioning it to JavaScript using one of the resources Rose and David mentioned in the episode is a lot easier.


I really look forward to seeing more Android stuff on this show, and on this forum. I am a very cross platform user (android phone, iPad pro for school, PC for all else), and I’ve been putting off learning how to do Shortcuts-like automation for a while now. SUPER EXCITED!

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Can’t believe you were in doubt as to the popularity of this podcast. I hope this show runs into the hundreds. Any plans for shows on Hazel and Keyboard Maestro?


They will definitely be getting featured!


Go crazy! Get stuck in, I need ideas for things to get started with on my Android :slight_smile:

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I’ve not listened to the episode yet but I’ll pick up on what @ian_dunsford said:

Technical podcasts of quality - like this one1- will find the landscape changing enough to keep providing topics.

And automation most certainly is moving fast. It has been for a few years and I expect it to become more mainstream and continue to evolve, providing lots of value over the coming years.

1 And possibly my own - which is NOT about Apple products or Automation.

Great episode! You two are doing great, keep it up!

Sad to hear I wasn’t mentioned, guess I’ll have to work harder and help more people. :wink:

As for learning JavaScript, there’s a great little app put out by Google I think called Grasshopper.

Again, great work you two! And if you ever need a guest to talk about Windows automation, drop me a line!

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