Automators 43: Capture and Review


I really enjoy the tips and tricks that you two bring to the table.

For me, there is so much information that I can’t casually listen to the podcast any more! My mind fills up with possibilities and I have to pause it and go back. You can’t do that safely when you’re driving.

What I do now is set your podcast to not delete after I listen to it and mark it as a kind of homework to review later… Maybe I should make that a task. :slight_smile: :smile:

If that’s a common problem for people, perhaps a community driven effort to expand the show notes with more detail could be a worthwhile effort? I’ve seen that as the show notes approach for some podcasts in the past. “All” (?) it would require is a wiki and some control to avoid the Internet spammers and trolls.


I’d LOVE if something like this were to exist.


I can’t commit to helping in that area. I’m learning to say “No”.

In this episode, David talks about how he has a shortcut that opens a specific email inbox. I have not been able to figure this out. Anyone know how this is done? Can it be done through the default mail app or would I need to use a third party app?

Was I right in hearing that Rosemary is playing with the new Javascript automation in OmniFocus?!

Oh yes you heard right!


Are there screenshots form the David’s and Rose’s homescreens somewhere? I couldn’t find them on the shownotes or chapter-art


Is there a podcast or blog post where @RosemaryOrchard talks in depth about her prompts and how that works in more depth?

There’s a blog post linked in the show notes which shows the shortcut (well it was a workflow at the time) I use and has some more detail.

whats is the app that they mention for brainstorming?

MindNode! It’s part of SetApp.

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