Automators 4: First Look at Siri Shortcuts

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I’d so like to try out Siri Shortcuts now, but without a dev account, I’ll hold back until the proper release… If they released a beta version for public beta users, I’d be all over it.

My car knows what category to assign!


So, is “Accio iPhone” theoretical? I tried to create it in Shortcuts, but couldn’t find any actions related to Find My iPhone. Help, please @RosemaryOrchard?

You need to open the Find my iPhone app, make your phone play a sound, and when you go back to Shortcuts you will be able to add this to your shortcut - I have mine turn on the flashlight too!

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Thanks, @RosemaryOrchard!

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Are there any examples of using the run javascript on webpage block? I’m curious to know where that expands the capacities of automation on iOS.

Copying and pasting the “URL” from any bookmarklet works for me :slight_smile:

Loved this episode. I’m too chicken to install the beta on my phone, but now am really excited to try the shortcuts out once iOS 12 is formally released.


Will you be able to automatically send a text with Siri short cuts?

Yes, if you toggle off “show when running” for the action :slight_smile:

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@RosemaryOrchard & @MacSparky, Thank you for Automators! @MacSparky, you mentioned that you’d like to be able to speak the Name/Title of Company to be used later in your workflow. I have found the “Dictate Text” Action to be useful for for this purpose…[Dictate Text]–>[Add to Variable]. Hope this is useful.

Does anyone know if existing workflows will migrate over to Siri Shortcuts? And if so, to what extent?

Yes. Certainly when the beta first came out it did an initial clone of Workflows. But since then it hasn’t imported additional ones.

So, Workflows still remains as an independent app?

During the beta, yes. Once it goes public… we’ll find out shortly.

@RosemaryOrchard Hi! I am working my way through the Automators backlog and also happened on some other podcasts you did as a guest on other shows. I am a PhD candidate working on my literature review, so I was wondering if you would be willing to share more information with me about the shortcut you were discussing for referencing quotes! I’ve been playing around with Shortcuts for a few months and trying to figure out ways to incorporate it into my academic workflow in different ways, but I’m not sure where to start with the references pice you were describing. Thanks!