Automator to edit a link!

Hi all,

I’ve become spoiled by Shortcuts and can no longer figure out how Automator works. What I’d like is to create a Quick Action that takes a URL that I share to it (via a Service, for example), and prepends “” to it. I can’t figure out how to manipulate a URL that’s shared to an Automator workflow. Any suggestions?


I’m not sure what you want to do with the composite URL, but the shell script in this quick action does the concatenation.

The one line of the script is

echo "${1}"
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Here’s one way.


ha ha - @drdrang, I see we had very similar ideas at about the same time :smiley:

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Jinx! (and then out to 20 chars)

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Wow, that was easy. I’ve become so ingrained in Shortcuts that this didn’t even occur to me. Big thanks to the good doctor and @sylumer!