Automator Branded NFC Stickers

Does anyone else really want a pack of Automators branded NFC stickers to use to kick off all of their automations?


Sure would like that

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This is something David and I are looking into but we can’t promise if/when it would happen! Would you just want ones with our logo on or also other icons?


I am so glad to hear that this is on your radar!

I would certainly want a multipack, there is no way I could pick which shortcut would be worth being kicked off by the Automators sticker.

I wasn’t thinking about it until you mentioned it, but a variety pack with some other cool automation related icons would be cool too.

Thanks for listening and for all that you do!

It would be great to have one with your logo but for general placement in the house, having other logos might be nice. Especially if they’re related to a particular automation. I know it’s different per device on what automation would be kicked off, but I set these up for my wife who has no interest in doing it or adjusting it.

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I like the idea of logo’d NFC stickers to help not just me, but also less techie members of the family remember what they sticker is for. But I’d also love an Automators sticker too.

Would definitely buy multiple packs of both types, would make great tokens or stocking stuffers for my fellow techie friends.

You might want to talk to David Barnard about his experience.

I wonder, though, if it would be feasible to ship someone stickers and at the same time ship them a “menu” Shortcut to use with them. (Something Launch Center Pro could also use, hence taking David’s name in vain).

I think if you speak to David Barnard he’ll Start by explaining all of the fulfilment issues he had sending them out, dealing with postal issues.

If Automators do decide to do it, make sure order fulfilment is someone else’s responsibility.

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Right. I’ve not talked to David recently :frowning: but my guess is he found it a PITA all round. (Sounds like you’ve had that conversation.)

So I was trying to think creatively about what would make this a success - both for @RosemaryOrchard/@MacSparky and for LCP.