Automations are taking over my life!

I just finished working on getting an excel sheet with all of my inventory from my company intranet to my iPhone where the data is modified to be added to a Shortcut that I use as a scanner to locate products in my store. I wanted the process to be automated as much as possible as I need to update the inventory every few days. To achieve this I started with the whole inventory in an excel sheet on my work computer where I created a macro to format the sheet to csv and save it on the local drive. I then attacked the file to my work email and sent it to IFTTT. IFTTT sends it to my Drop Box folder. This folder is watched by Hazel on my home computer where it changes the name of the file and then sends it to a folder in my iCloud and overwrites the old csv file there. Hazel then triggers an AppleScript which sends me a text message saying my file has been updated. I then trigger a Shortcut that starts a Scriptable script which formats the data in the file I just updated so it will work in my scanner Shortcut. Scriptable then triggers another Shortcut which takes the data and turns them into 4 different notes in the Notes app which I use as the storage of my inventory data for my scanner Shortcut. It amazes me that 1. It all works and 2. It takes just a few seconds for all of those automations to finish. Truly we live in magical times.


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