Automation: If I am out of town, create a reminder or alarm

I’ve been trying to create an Automation to set a reminder or alarm at 6am on any day that shows me out of town (based on the existence of any event in my “Out of Town” calendar). Using Shortcuts, I’m running into the unlock/confirm limitation for Calendar actions, and thought someone may have a creative idea to accomplish this unattended.

So far, I have the automation set to run at 12am, Get 1 Event from the specified calendar, and if Upcoming Events has any value, tell Clock to turn the specified Alarm on. I did it this way to get around Reminders wanting confirmation when run, and to avoid duplicating alarms by creating a new one. Still, I am asked to Run the workflow (because of the Calendar call, I believe).

Any ideas for doing this unattended? The goal is to automatically remind me of a specific task at 6am on any days I am not at home, other than the calendar notification or manually creating an additional calendar event.

Passive triggers can’t act without confirmation - and time is passive. I would instead have this prompt you to run it every evening so you see it and can execute it.

Okay, thanks! I missed the part about passive triggers. I guess I’ll need to do this manually at set up, rather than see that prompt everyday.

In case you’re afraid you miss setting the alarm you could create a shortcut with a template for such an appointment.
I did a similar thing here. Note the questions are in Dutch, but I think you get the idea.

I’m just going to take a punt on this, as I don’t have a new enough iPhone for background NFC scanning to confirm it with, but if you do…

I think NFC tags are active triggers, and so hopefully wouldn’t encounter any confirmation limitations. So what if you had the reminder/alarm/calendar event with a reminder set every day, but when you go to bed you place your phone onto the NFC tag (wherever you charge for example), and that triggered a shortcut to remove the next day’s alert? It would only trigger at home, so when you are away the alert would still occur.

The only caveat to this is you need the screen to be on for NFC to work.

On or unlocked? Normally the screen goes on when I plug into charge or pop on a wireless charger for my 8+. If it is just on, then I guess that it might still be viable :man_shrugging:t2:

iI not, then it’s probably only as effective as a time based notification which wouldn’t require an NFC tag.

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Just on, unlocked is optional, but if the screen is off and it comes into contact with an NFC tag it will be ignored.