Automating zoom calls - 15 minute intervals

Hey everyone. I’m a member of a networking group and have been tasked with setting up a zoom call with each. I know there’s a way to do this. I thinking of making a numbers sheet with first names and emails. My question is how do I take that info - the email - and set a random zoom meeting. I’m not too familiar with api calls, but that’s where I am weak.

Any help with this?

I don’t have keyboard maestro, but can use almost any other tool, including zapier.

I don’t know that there is a way to do this.

I’m not aware of Zoom having any sort of API which would let you create new calls, so you would have to do it manually on their website.

They do have a way to set a meeting as a ‘template’ which might help if you are creating a lot of these, but you would still have to fill in the particulars.

They do have one. It’s how the email client and CMS plugins work with Zoom.

Consider using a scheduling service such as Aquity Scheduling or ScheduleOnce to allow people to book their own 15-minute sessions. Both of these services can be linked to a Zoom account.

Zapier would likely work as well. You could potentially have Zoom Meetings automatically created as entries are added to a Google Sheet.