Automating Weekly Activity Report

Here is a manual task that I do every week that is annoying and repetitive. I wonder if there is a way to automate this or maybe use another approach or an app?

  1. My calendar entries include the full name of a person that I worked with.
  2. Open calendar, highlight the name of a person and copy it to clipboard.
  3. Keyboard Maestro switches the first name with last name (order) --> Smith, John
  4. Copy Number document file - either from the previous week or from a template.
  5. Paste the name of the client, session date, clinic name, service type.
  6. Repeat the same process for all of the clients that I’ve seen throughout the week.
  7. The weekly file is exported to Excel and mailed to the office.

A few leading questions…

Q) Do you, or could you have an identifier in your calendar that specifies these types of events vs. others?
Q) Or are they perhaps in (or could be in) a separate calendar?

Another step in automation would be having something loop through your calendar events and automatically pick out the ones required.

Q) What calendar host system do you use?

If you use say Google or Microsoft Exchange, there are cloud tools that could be used independently of your Mac.

Q) Is it just a time based “trigger” that prompts you to generate the file?
Q) Does the file have to be mailed?
Q) do you have access to put the file into it’s final destination?