Automating PDF archives of email added to specific mailbox is

Hi everyone,

Loving the podcast and this forum especially. Gone from zero automation and now absolutely hooked.

For my work it would be really useful to have PDF archives of particular emails for later reference. At the moment I do this manually but it seems like it should be something that could be automated.

I add a label to a message in Gmail, which adds it to a folder in Mail on macOS. Ideally this would trigger a PDF to be created, saved and then I could file it away with hazel.

Doesn’t have to happen instantly (could be once a day) and doesn’t have to happen in the background.

I’ve got Hazel, Better Touch Tool and also Keyboard Maestro (see I said I was hooked!)

Any help much appreciated!


Someone asked a similar question on MPU a couple weeks back. This was my very hacked together answer. CloudPull was a common suggestion as well.

Thanks. That hacked together solution looks a bit above what I understand! Will look at CloudPull