Automating Notification Badges in Mail App iOS

Hi there,

I suspect this is still not available in shortcuts or scriptable but just in case here is what I am looking to do.
During workday hours I would like to see my email notification badges on the mail app icon but would like this to be disable when I start off work mode (i.e. weekends or evenings).

Is there a way to achieve this settings toggle using shortcuts or even scriptable? I have 5 mail accounts setup in settings and only two of them are work related and therefore need silencing in this mode.

Thanks everyone.

I don’t believe iOS exposes that for any app to automate.

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I suspected as much. Thanks.

Any updates here? Anything that Toolbox Pro or anything like that can do? This seems like a critical feature and the fact we cannot event script a “do not disturb” capability just for a particular mail account seems super surprising to me. There are so many people doing so many amazing things in this community - someone must have a solution for this at this point…

I’m afraid this is something Apple doesn’t let developers access

A year on and all I’ve been able to do is split account on different clients and silence these depending on type/hour. This is not ideal and a hassle but best that can be done for now.