Automating Microsoft Excel - With AppleScript

So, after a lot of frustration and research I wrote a blog post: Automating Microsoft Excel.

It might save people time. Tweaks, obviously, welcome.

And the code mentioned therein is “In Production” and saving me time and even more frustration.

Honourable mentions to Keyboard Maestro and Metagrid (and Stream Deck).

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Great blog post!
I studying math this year and need to use excel. Do you know how to edit format of cells with AppleScript? e.g fraction, decimal number etc. Have Keyboard Maestro.

I know that I can press ⌘ + 1 to jump to cell menu, but this tab is clunky with VoiceOver. Therefore would like to avoid that menu to reduce frustration :blush:

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Thank you!

I might have just found my “warm up for the day” exercise. I have my own reasons for wanting to manipulate the format…

… Excel seems to insist that date-like cells are dates. And then does strange things with the x axis of a chart. So I want to

  1. Fiddle with the text to remove the year.
  2. Force the cell to Text.

I’d want to do that for a whole column but - along the way - I’d want to transform a single cell in the above two ways. Each of those two ways might be something people can build on.

Note: I want to do this in AppleScript. Not keypresses.

Let’s see what I come up with.