Automating BorrowBox/iOS?

I use the AudioBook player app, BorrowBox on iOS.

The problem is that frequently iOS “forgets” that it is the current audio source (this could happen if I watch a video on News for example, but sometimes happens for no reason at all). Sometimes I’m left with nothing playing, sometimes iOS reverts to playing Music from the Music app (I don’t have Apple Music, so just my inbuilt library).

So then I have to launch BorrowBox, and then select the current book and start it playing.

However frequently I notice this has happened after getting in the car and connecting via CarPlay. Since it is illegal (and stupid) to use my phone once I’m driving, and since BorrowBox has no Shortcuts support and no CarPlay support, I’m then stuck with either pulling over and starting it or going without for that trip.

On the Mac, I could potentially control the UI to make it play, but the UI is locked down on iOS.

I presume I’m completely out of luck, but figured it was worth asking if there are any other possible solutions.

I’ve asked (pleaded with) the BorrowBox folks to add minimal CarPlay or Shortcuts support, but no luck so far.

Thanks for any ideas.