Automating a new computer set up

I currently have an iMac with quite a few apps on it. Can anyone help guide me (point me to references or articles) that would help me “batch” install all these apps onto the new MacBook Pro I plan on getting in a few weeks?

Example of what I mean:
I know you can install apps using the “terminal” in Linux Based operating systems, and I was wondering if Mac OS shared this ability? I am mostly just trying to avoid going to each individual website to download all the apps. I feel like it would be easier to just copy and paste scripts.

There are “package managers” like brew for macOS but you’d have to look, if it can install the apps you want. For some there are installation recipes but for many there aren’t.


Maybe this podcast episode will give you some options?


Thanks for the info!

I’ll give it a listen! Thanks!

@whewelln this might be more complicated than you want to dig into, but I keep a script that does it all for me: You can poke around in my folders and see individual scripts that do individual bits of automating.

The important things to know about are brew, brew cask, and MAS; these all let you install software programatically.