Authorizing access to forum using google in Discourse app

Authorizing access to forum using google in Discourse app doesn’t work - I managed to do it for MacPowerusers new forum but that may have been pre-update to IOS 12…

Creating accounts with any of the 3rd party authentication methods in Discourse usually fails in the app in my experience, it’s a problem with how the app and Safari handle cookies unfortunately.

oh ok… like i say it was fine for MPU forum… but who needs automated responses when you’re that speedy :wink:

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I’ve encountered the problems on and off with various sites, OS and app combinations - sometimes it does just work!

Hi Rose - ios12 was causing a few issues particularly around navigation in maps / google maps so I reverted to ios11… then I retried the google authorisation for this forum again in the discourse app which then worked - so maybe is iOS 12 issue - just for info!

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Are you talking about 2FA - e,g, Google Authenticator app? What about Authy - have you tried that?

He was referring to logging in with Google credentials rather than a username & password :slight_smile:

I was indeed… yes I know, I shouldn’t be going across to the dark side :face_with_raised_eyebrow: