Anyone Have any Experience with VueSan?

Has anyone had any experience with VueScan? @MacSparky Mentioned it awhile back as a possible replacement for the deprecated Fuji Scansnap software. Like I’m sure most of you who own a Scansnap the hardware still works great but I’m not interested in spending ~$500 for a new scanner when I simply need 64 bit software.

I looked into it a long time ago, but I ended up getting exactscan which had the driver I needed. I’ve been very happy with exactscan.

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I bought and later upgraded (maybe twice, I can’t recall) VueScan software for a scanner that Apple stopped supporting soon after I bought it. This might have been in the last century. Like yours my scanning needs didn’t warrant purchasing a new scanner. At about the time iphone scanning apps came in the scanner gave up the ghost altogether. So, a long way around saying VueScan works well with most scanners. Their website should have a list of supported hardware. If not, the developer is very responsive and will let you know if he supports your scanner.

For me the best scanner is my iPhone with Just open a new note and tap on the icon: plus-sign in a circle. Works much better than the purpose-developed scanning app I bought.

I have been using VueScan Pro version since 2002 on my first Mac running OS X Jaguar. I use it on a inexpensive Agfa and Epson flatbed scanner for documents, and a Nikon LS5000 film scanner to scan film negatives and slides. Support is responsive. Download a trial and give it a go. If you buy the Pro version, you get lifetime updates.

Spent about four hours this afternoon looking at both VueScan and ExactScan and decided on ExactScan. Both had the key features I was looking for but I decided on ExactScan for 1) faster scanning particularly if you OCR the documents 2) more polished user interface 3) more flexibility in output file naming and watermarks.

Thanks, to those who shared their experiences with both products.

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