Any Way to Track Social Media Data at Specific Times?

Hey everyone! First time posting!

I was hoping someone could help me figure out something for my work. I work for IGN, a media company that covers games, movies, and TV, and I do social media work for them in the mornings.

But they recently started asking me to track the Likes, Retweets, Comments my posts get on Twitter, the Reactions, Shares, and Comments on Facebook, and Likes and Comments on Instagram.

Right now I do this manually, looking up the posts from the day before, and punch the numbers into a Google Doc that I share with my coworkers.

Is there any way to have something like Hazel grab the information, parse it out, and divvy up all the info into the Doc? Iā€™m gonna lose my mind if I gotta do this every day, lol.

Anyway, thanks in advance!

I would suggest using a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite which tracks this automatically for you - much easier than any other solution I can think of right now!

Oh man! I forgot about those! Thanks!

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