Altering events in Fantastical

Hi, all. I’m an absolute beginner seeking some advice.

The app for my gym will add a calendar event for an upcoming class, and I’d like to automatically alter certain attributes of those events. Specifically, when a new event is added, I’d like to change the name, notes and location (the gym-generated event puts the name of the location in the correct field, but it isn’t matching to the actual location and doesn’t generate a map). I’ve attached screenshots of how an event initially appears and how I’d like to change it.

I’m not sure which tool would be best to use. It seems like there’s potential in the available actions for Calendar and Fantastical in Shortcuts, but I’m open to using Keyboard Maestro, too.

Thanks for any tips.

I would use Shortcuts’ standard calendar event actions to find and edit the events that need modifying.

Shouldn’t need Fantastical specifically and Shortcuts’ support for Calendar interactions is greater than Keyboard Maestro - at least for retrieval and update.

Hope that helps.