Airtable + downoad to csv

I have a workspace in Airtable with 4 tables which I need to back up regularly. I can go on to the web browser and click “download to csv” for each individual table.


  1. I need to remove any existing filte (tricky since these are shared tables)
  2. The “downlowad to csv” is only availble in the web and not in iOS

I can create a shortcut using the API to “download” each table…but then I need to have reminders for this task.

Is there a more efficient way of doing this on iOS or Mac (eg through scriptin? KM? Hazel?)

Many thanks!!

If there is an API you can hit for getting the csv, or if you’re ok with it in JSON form, you could use the cron trigger in Keyboard Maestro and use curl to hit the API.

Take a look at this.

Once configured it should just be a case of scheduling it - e.g. using launchd, or a third party app such as Keyboard Maestro (always my preferred choice as it is just so quick to do).