Adding URLs to Bear

Hi Automators

I have created a Workflow to slightly replace Instapaper and also get around the odd Instagram link which makes it harder to open in Safari. Essentially it grabs the Title and URL and adds them to a file in.

However I feel it could be better or smoother and I am a relative newbie, so if anyone has tips for improvement I’d love to hear.

At the moment it is only from Safari pages, so assume URL or Get URL from Input might be useful. I also don’t know if I need Get Article from Web Page, but if it were as an Instagram replacement then maybe that would be useful

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You can do this very simply actually: Try this

You just need to use the Workflow Input magic variable, and select what you grab from it (tap it again once it’s in the action you want).

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Oooh thank you - I’ll have a play!

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That suggestion works really well, thank you.

When Instagram opens some URLs in slide windows, it is a Safari UIView rather than real safari, so the Workflow stops working because it is looking for a Title as well as a URL.

Would that be a case of using an If statement (If Instagram grab the URL) else do the revised Workflow do you think?

Many thanks