Adding task to OmniFocus into specific folder

I hope someone can help. I am trying to write a shortcut that creates a list and places this list as a new project in a particular folder in OmniFocus.

I have the shortcut written out and the list gets imported into OF but it is sending the list to the Inbox. I have the shortcut provide a list where you choose the name of the folder that you want the list to be placed.

With the commands I have in the shortcut it really feels like it should work but I can’t get it to go into the right folder. Would someone be able to take a look at it and see where I am going wrong?

I just tried this, and mine shows up in the correct folder each time. The name in your list matches the folder name exactly, right?

I recreated this as well, and works perfectly for me.
I second @Nicole’s comments: can you check the spelling?