Adding a test for "set playback destination" - auto select connected headphones

I’ve configured the Triple Tap accessibility feature to trigger a shortcut that connects to my AirPods, changes the volume to 65% then plays overcast (see screen short below).

The issue is that I do change between headphones (AirPods 2, AirPods Pro and Bose 700), I know that I can change the “Set Playback Destination” to ask each time, however it would be nice to add some kind of test to see what headphones are connected, then automatically select one based on priority. Perhaps some kind of text machine to the list of playback destinations or even just trying to connect and it failing with an error condition that I can handle.

I don’t think this is possible, but believe that it might be a useful bit of code for quite a few folks.

Thanks for any guidance this wonderful group could offer.

Here is my current shortcut just in case it helps anyone else.