Activating fitness tracking only when starting training

Hello everyone,
I am looking for the following function to automate:
When starting a training (running) activate heart rate as well as a fitness protocol on Apple Watch.
When training is done, deactivate heart rate monitoring and fitness protocol.

Background information:
Standard setting in Apple Watch as well as iPhone for heart rate monitoring as well as fitness protocol should be deactivated. I want to use the functionality only during specific trainings.

Does anyone has an idea how to implement this in a short cut on the iPhone / Apple Watch?

Thanks for your help, Julian.

I am really looking forward for a solution.

Under personal automations in Shortcuts, you can trigger shortcut actions at the start and end of specific (or all) workouts.

In terms of what you can trigger on the watch, you have a variety of options, but nothing around heart rate monitoring.

The reason some questions go unanswered is simply because there is no option to do what is being asked. In this case, activating the heart rate monitor on the watch via Shortcuts.