Action receiving 2 or more input variables

I’m new to Shortcuts, and was looking through some of the demos in the Gallery, and found ‘Start my next meeting’, which has a ‘Get URLs from’ action that takes in 2 variables.

Question: How go you build an action that can receive multiple variables?

In this case ‘Get URLs from’ is receiving a calendar array, and running through the Notes and the URL fields. I’d like to also run through the Location field.

I can find no documentation, official or otherwise on this,
Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 9.19.08 AM

Get URLs From takes one parameter. You have put two variables into that parameter and the graph/engine that sits behind shortcuts is doing some implicit concatenation and explicit parsing/extraction to get URLs. I suspect plai. Text would be the intermediary format.

In terms of passing multiple values, take a look at lists and dictionaries. They are multiple values. That can be manipulated by Shortcuts. You pass one “object” in, but that “object” may have many elements that you can process.