A delay in a shortcut or IFTTT etc?

I have two shortcuts:

  1. Via SSH, shut down my Raspberry Pi.
  2. Via an IFTTT Webhook (using Get Contents Of URL), power off the Pi - using a smart plug.

Unless someone tells me otherwise, I can’t be certain the SSH shutdown would’ve completed if I immediately run the power off shortcut. So I don’t think I can combine the two shortcuts into one.

Is there any way of making a delay, of approximately 1 minute? It could be in Shortcuts or maybe IFTTT (or one of its competitors).

I suspect the answer is “no”.

The reason I want to power off the Pi is because it has an LCD screen on it that glows white until power is removed. (I suppose I could investigate options to turn off the screen from the Pi.)

In any case I have the smart plug turn itself off at 10PM to avoid annoying people trying to sleep. :slight_smile:

The RPI shutdown sequence is usually only a second or two if it’s fairly vanilla. If you have other stuff running, it can be more.

There’s a way to do the delay posted here :wink:

As you can see, @sylumer, I’m on a journey. Maybe “The Road To Nowhere”. :slight_smile: Solving one problem at a time.