66: MFC Deck with Adam Tow


A really nice episode. Thanks!

My perspective on MFC Deck - from what Adam was saying - was that this could be a really good rival to Metagrid. In fact I think it’s better than it as it could combine “local” and “remote” actions. “Local” being “on the iPhone / iPad” as opposed to “remote” - which would be on a Mac.

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So, I got round to playing with this yesterday.

The sweet spot appears to be kicking off local shortcuts. Experiments - various ways - with tickling Keyboard Maestro suggested to me it’s rather slow, compared to Metagrid.

This is mainly because Metagrid can use a USB connection. I don’t believe Shortcuts and hence MFC Deck can. (Metagrid is also slow over WiFi - so this is not a criticism of MFC Deck.)

There’re also side effects:

  • The Shortcuts app flashes up if I do it via a shortcut. This is probably inevitable.
  • A Safari tab appears if I do it via a URL.

I’ll take the former get the latter any day - as it leaves no artefacts behind.

So, I think I can use MFC mainly as a Shortcuts dashboard. I’ll stick to Metagrid-over-USB for push button control of my Mac,