65: 12 Days of Automation


Also got the meross outlets mentioned in the episode. Have worked great except, I had to make my airport broadcast two different networks for the 2.4 and 5ghz bands. I’ve kept them split after adding the devices, has anyone joined the networks back to one SSID and had success?

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I can’t get the hyper key on a M1 Mac to work via Karabiner. Keeps creating a kernel panic

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While the home page for Karabiner says it is ready for M1, the GitHub repo issues tell a different story.

I think at best it should be considered a beta version for that right now.

Karabiner is working at a fairly low level, so trouble like this is to be expected, but they have obviously made good progresso the challenges posed by moving to a new chip architecture (and major OS version).

Another fantastic episode, thanks!

Now I REALLY want to get some HomeKit lights. :slight_smile:

And using an NFC tag to allow people to join WiFi, def wan to try that. Wonder if it’s hard to make it work for both iOS and Android?

@RosemaryOrchard I heard the mention of using NFC Tools, but I didn’t see the instructions for setting up an NFC tags to allow people to connect to WiFi. Are these instructions posted elsewhere here on the site? I’ve got some tags and would like to give it a try. Thx!

It’s in the app! Write > Add a Record > Wi-Fi network (it’s almost the last option).


Ahhh I see now, thx!!!

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@RosemaryOrchard I thought I heard you mention something about adding tracking numbers to Deliveries via automation (unless I heard wrong). Do you know of a way to send tracking numbers from confirmation emails to the Deliveries app via Shortcuts or some other kind of automation? Thank you!

I think the automation Rosemary mentioned was utilising e-mail rules in Apple Mail to auto-forward the order e-mails to the JuneCloud service that then picks out the tracking ID and adds it into Deliveries.

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Oh, this is great - thank you! Since I’m using Hey as my email address, I added my Mail to Deliveries address to TextExpander as a snippet so I can just forward all my tracking emails in a few keystrokes. :slight_smile:

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Merry Holidays my fellow Automators! Thank you one and all for your help and advise. You enabled me to escape an awful year for some hours as I tried to figure out how to get Shortcuts to send silly messages to my friends. Good times. See you in the new year.

Vancouver, Canada.

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David mentioned an Apple Music playlist called “Yule”, the link for which he was going to have posted in the show notes. I don’t seem to see it. Can someone please post here. (I realize the holidays are over, but I’d still be interested in having this for next year. :gift::man_shrugging:). Thanks.

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Hi all,

I heard @RosemaryOrchard talk about a local alternative to Zapier. You install it on your home server and it does something simular to Zapier etc. Does anyone know the name at all?

The Pushcut server on a spare iOS device?

Nah, it think it was more than that. You are right though I should setup pushcut on my old iPhone 8 that I just replaced with a iPhone 12 Pro Max (wow what an improvement in every way).

Was it Huginn by any chance?

It was mentioned in episode #60 though, not #65, so I’m not sure that it is what you are after.

Integromat has also been mentioned. This links apps in a Zapier/IFTTT way I believe.

thanks I have no idea what episode it was, just that it was that this one looked like it. I will check this one out.

Thanks, yeah have looked at Intergromat, will have to check it out again as I am sure it’s better now.